Let's Talk Respiratory is a patient and healthcare professional-facing resource providing information on asthma and COPD. They required a friendly, simple illustrative style which, along with a climactic analogy, highlighted the clarity it brings to its audience. As well as print and digital materials, I storyboarded and provided the assets for a series of animations.

Video - animated by Havas Lynx

Leavepiece flyer & leaflet spread

Dynamic emails

Email content

Expanded banner

Video Extract - animated by Havas Lynx

"Severe asthma affects all ages groups…"

"…impacting both their work & family lives."

"Annual UK treatment costs are estimated at £4,200 p/p"

"Several new treatments are available & emerging…"

"…including anti-IL5 add-on therapies…"

" – just some of a new generation of treatments"

Storyboard screens